Mexico is an excellent area for travel

The country houses a diverse set of cultural and urban areas which could entice anybody. There is a wide range of activities for travellers and the landscape itself provides lots of charms and a change of scenery.

Mexico tourism is a tropical region and is popular for its beaches to the east and west. The east coast, joined by the Golf of Mexico is known for its warm beaches and clear blue waters. The western coast, joined by the Pacific is beautiful in its own way with warm and more welcoming people and a coast less dotted with resorts and touristy spots. Surfers must visit the coasts of Puerto Escondido, Oxaca, and Baja California (all in the west coast) which are known for their swells and beach-breaks. The warm temperatures and water provide for the best swimming and surfing season, the heat also allowing the visitor to just lay back and spend a few days enjoying the scenery.

Mexico  is also lined with jungles, mountains, and deserts which provide for an adequate change in scenery for those travelling through all regions of Mexico. The biggest attraction for history nerds are the Mayan relics and ruins at Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza which date back to 8000 BCE. These and other pyramids provide a deep understanding of the functioning of premodern societies, providing a serene and eerie place to meditate about the history of humans.

When people grow bored of these places to visit, and get tired of surfing and the sun, cities like Cancun, Tulum, and Guadalajara provide the best night life for the usual party-goer. The locals love to come out and socialize with tourists, showing them a culture which is real and not constructed over the tourism business. With Guadalajara being the birthplace of Tequila and mariachi music, it is the most authentic place to visit for a teeming nightlife of the modern allures with twists of tradition coming from the young local population.

These ancient populations were quite advanced in medical practices as well. They used plants and other herbs to help provide anesthesia while performing complex surgeries. Even today we use some of these same medicines in practice. Some of their medical practices can be found today in online ACLS certification.

Mexico is a popular tourist spot for Americans and Europeans alike who visit the region for its various landscapes, sceneries, and a chance to lay back in the summer. The Mexican attitude is a relaxed and easy-going attitude where most people are affectionate towards visitors and welcome them to their region. Internal and rural areas show more tradition and bending towards a timider region, but otherwise the Mexican people are fun-loving people and very social making sure the vacationer feels completely comfortable.