Healthcare In The Mexican Riviera

When most people from the United States think about the Mexican Riviera they images of bright white sand and crystal clear blue water are what come to mind. Thoughts of margaritas and live bands flash through their heads. While this is all true there are other benefits to this beautiful side of the world. The Mexican Riviera is one of the top destinations for healthcare tourism for those living in the United States. From Cancun to Tulum, several reputable surgeons have across Mexico have positioned themselves there to care for tourists wanting more than a budget friendly hotel.

Access to Cheap Medications

This is probably one of my favorite aspects of the Mexican Riviera. There are pharmacies everywhere that are quite liberal in their distribution of life saving medications. In the United States it can be quite difficult to obtain a prescription for some very basic and harmless medications. Mexico has done a great job in lowering the barriers to access. This may not seem like a big deal big to those who have a comfortable insurance package provided by work, but it can be the difference between life and death for those who have an illness that requires medications which aren’t covered. You can learn about some of the most important medications for training in ACLS recertification online at United Medical Education. They also cover a variety of medications needed in PALS certification.

Quality Healthcare That’s Affordable

Affordability is a huge deciding factor when selecting an operation. Some procedures are just too expensive for most people. I’m not just talking about cosmetic procedures. I’m also talking about procedures such as knee replacements that have the purpose of improving basic quality of life. There is no argument that healthcare costs have become outrageous in the USA. With the ballooning managerial costs and with drug companies deciding to price their medications at whatever the consumer is willing to pay in order to stay alive, it’s only become worse and worse. Since Mexico seems to have less restrictions on the consumer and distribution of healthcare services and products in general, the prices have not inflated in the country as significantly as in the USA.

Risks of Foreign Treatmet

While access to care is readily available and the prices are cheaper in Mexico compared to the USA, it still has it’s risks. I always try to explain to people who go to Mexico for healthcare procedures that post-operative care is not convenient if you’re going to travel. If you have any complication that arises weeks after the surgery it generally is not worth it to return to the doctors office. I do recommend that anyone who decides to travel to Mexico for a procedure stay there for at least a week after the operation is performed. Most surgeries will require at least one week of follow up postoperative care.

Additional Expenses

Whenever you travel for healthcare you will always accumulate additional expenses. From plane tickets to hotel stays, things can add up quickly. I generally like to use bed and breakfast stays when I travel myself. Also, many of the hospitals or clinics will offer you convenient hotels and travel accommodations. If you’re having an intense procedure that will require a long recovery I do recommend these. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable during recovery without anyone to help you get better.